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Please join us as we discuss Kuei Shan’s educational philosophy, curriculum and instruction, and admission requirements. Afterwards we will take a campus tour.

Mission: Kuei Shan School is a Christ-centered community where students have opportunities to know God, follow Him and strive to live uprightly in a way He would approve. Our mission is to educate the whole person and develop life-long learners who are equipped to become knowledgeable and critical thinkers, effective communicators, responsible and engaged world citizens, virtuous servant-leaders, and enthusiastic stewards to serve one another, their community, Taiwan, and the world.

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Telephone:+886-2- 2821-2009

Ext. 11 (K)

Ext. 16 (G1-6)

Ext. 20 (G7-12)

Teaching and Learning Samples: (Secondary)             (Elementary)

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