Our Education Philosophy


Taipei Kuei Shan School recognizes each child will grow into an individual made in the image of God. Our educational practices aim to foster self-worth as well as respect for others, are guided by proven effective methods, and are conducted in a student-oriented style. As a result of such nurturing, the unique gifts of each child can be developed into maturity.

- Hsiong Hui-Ying, 1963

Our Mission

Taipei Kuei Shan School is a Christ-centered community where students have opportunities to know God, follow Him and strive to live uprightly in a way He would approve. Our mission is to educate the whole person and develop life-long learners who are equipped to become knowledgeable and critical thinkers, effective communicators, responsible and engaged world citizens, virtuous servant-leaders, and enthusiastic stewards to serve one another, their community, Taiwan, and the world.

Our Vision

Inspiring students to impact the world; inspiring students to reach their greatest promise.

Our Expected Learning Outcomes
1. Scholars
  • who are knowledgeable, critical thinkers, and independent learners

  • who are skilled questioners: able to define problems, determine what information to seek, and where to find it

  • who use technology appropriately to help solve problems

2. Effective Communicators
  • who are skilled collaborative workers able to express ideas clearly in the target language

  • who understand that communicators have a responsibility to send and receive clear messages

  • who are able to use technology to communicate effectively

3. Reflective Thinkers
  • who develop attitudes, skills, and habits to succeed as life long learners

  • who analyze and apply new information

  • who are able to reflectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of efforts, processes, and results

  • who are motivated and goal oriented

4. Virtuous Servant-Leaders
  • who display positive ethical and moral behavior

  • who are multi-culturally sensitive accepting and respecting the worth of each individual

5. Enthusiastic Stewards
  • who provide service to others

  • who are socially interactive with both the school and community in a meaningful fashion

  • who serve one another, their community, Taiwan, and the world