Taitung Missions Trip

This school year's Service Club A went to the south city of Taitung in Taiwan.

Our team consisted of students from grades 9 to 12 and we spent a whole semester preparing for our service trip.

We prepared both in knowledge as well as in heart and character, learning about the history and needs of the people in the little town at the outskirts of Taitung.

Below are some pictures and their captions of what we did!

[Photo: KSS students, Church members, and in the center the elementary school principal and pastor]

Some of our students were invited to visit and help at the elementary school in the town.

Our students cleared out and moved hundreds of old-unwanted books out of the school and donated them to some people as well as to the church we served at.

[Photo: Our KSS students picking up trash around town]

Another service action that our students were instructed to do by the church we were serving at was to go around town meeting people and picking up trash as we found it.

Students were given big trash bags and long metal tongs to do the work.

At first students thought it would be an easy job, but as time passed, they quickly learned that when looking for it, there is way more trash around than we usually notice.

[Photo: KSS students and Church members visiting and picking up trash at the sea port of the town]

The main economy of this small town in Taitung is fishing, so the sea port its a must-see place.

Students visited the sea port and met different fishermen that have worked there their whole lives.

We quickly learned that the fishing business was doing really bad and only getting worse with the years because the number of fish are decreasing at a rapid rate.

If nothing changes, this town will sooner or later lose its biggest income.

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