Thailand Mission Trip


What it’s like

(Feb. 2018 trip)

  • "Breakfast groups" to take turns preparing breakfast for the team

  • Sharing, discussion, and reminders to prepare for the day 

  • Students divide into 4 groups to educate in English, Chinese, Kung Fu, and interactive sports​ at

    • Samuel's House Orphanage

    • Fu Tai Church

    • Rehab Center

    • Minority Village 

    • Aboriginal School 

  • Attend worship service with children and adults at Fu Tai Church


何丰 (Gr. 10)

"I realise we're not only out here to "help" children from poor areas, but to help intelligent kids who lack resources."

Tiffany Feng (Gr. 10); trans. Chinese-English


陳婕妮 (Gr. 10)

"How much help they need is not as significant as how willing they are to learn."

Janice Chen (Gr. 10); trans. Chinese-English