Employment at Kuei Shan

Christ-centered learning community

Taipei Kuei Shan School seeks dedicated faculty to join our team, one who is Christ-centered, student focused and demonstrates education excellence, in order to inspire students to impact the world to reach their greatest promise.

General qualification

Each position that Kuei Shan seeks has its own set of qualifications, but the following general qualifications apply to all positions.


  1.  Minimum bachelors degree

  2.  Teaching certificate

  3.  Excellent writing and speaking skills in English

  4.  In support of the school's mission to blend educational excellence with Christian values and an international  perspective

  5.  Technological confidence

  6.  Good health

  7.  A clear criminal background checking result                              [good conduct certificate or lack of a criminal record]


  1. Qualification, training, or experience to teach a second subject area

  2. An advanced degree in subject area to be taught

  3. Experience to work with English language learners in the regular classroom

  4. A background of two or more years of successful teaching in the subject or grade level as verified by references

  5. Continuous professional development record (IB or non-IB)

  6. A professing, active and growing Christian faith

  7. Ability and willingness in contributing to the school's co-curricular program

Application procedures

​Submit a letter of interest and resume to  hiring@kss.tp.edu.tw. In your letter, briefly address your comfort level in support the Kuei Shan mission.

Selected candidates will be invited to fill out an application and to complete the next steps of the application process. The deadline for applications is June 30, 2020. We reserve the right to make an appointment before the deadline in the event outstanding applicants are identified earlier in the process.

2020 - 2021

  • Athletic Coach

  • Supply Teacher

  • Teacher Librarian

*Don't see the job that fits you?  You can submit a resume for future consideration.

Salary and benefits

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications. Leading IB practitioners are compensated with additional incentives.

Benefits include 6 weeks paid vacation, annual round-trip airline ticket stipend, housing compensation, paid sick leave and personal leave, National Health Insurance and National Labor Insurance, school tuition at Kuei Shan for two dependent children, and free daily breakfast and refreshments.

Desired Personal Characteristics:

A successful Kuei Shan educator is:

  1. A model of upholding work ethic and adhering to biblical standards in all areas of conduct.

  2. Passionate about students and has a genuine interest of the students at heart.

  3. Committed to equity and high expectations for all students.

  4. Effective in handling multiple concurrent tasks and is able to thrive in a fast-paced work environment.

  5. Flexible and adaptable in dealing with new, different or changing environments.

  6. Reflective and constantly looking for how to be better in the quality of instruction, growing in faith, impacting students, and engaging in the community.

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