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Taipei Kuei Shan School 

2022-2023 Admission Process

Please complete the following steps for our admission process:


STEP 1: Submit initial application form online
  • Fill in the online application form (click here)

  • The Admissions Committee will send an acknowledgment e-mail along with details regarding the next steps.  

  • The committee will keep in touch with you through e-mail and will guide you through each step of the admission process.


STEP 2: Submit secondary application form and fee
  • Fill in the secondary application form and send it back to

  • Pay application fee through wire transfer (Please specify student’s name) [ Preschool: NT300  |  G1-8: NT500  |  G9-11: NT1,200 ]

School name: Kuei Shan School Foundation 

Bank: Chungwa Post Bank Beitou Mingde Branch (Bank code: 700)

Account number: 00024270340485

STEP 3: Prepare documents – Admissions Committee will contact you for documents,
             campus tour, test, interview-  sent by email
  •  Copy of accomplished secondary application form

  •  Application fee proof of payment

  •  Copies of academic records

    • Kindergarten applicants do not need to submit any school records.

    • Grade 1 applicants

    • Final report cards from Kindergarten, if applicable

    • Grades 2-12 applicants

    • Report cards from the past three semesters (containing homeroom teacher’s comments,  with English report cards translated for G9 and above)

    • Two (2) recommendation letters from previous teachers (G9-11 only)

    • Photocopy of National Identification Card /Alien Residence Card (ARC)

    • Two (2) recent ID photos

    • Copy of foreign passport

    • recent standardized test scores (SDRT, SLEP, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, etc.), if available; these are not required, but are favorable


STEP 3: Submit documents
  • Application package may be sent through one of three methods:

    • Send by registered mail to:

The Registrar Section of Taipei Kuei Shan School

200 Ming De Road Taipei 11280,

Taiwan R.O.C.


◎Note: Testing, campus tour, and interview can only be scheduled after all documents have been submitted. You will be notified by e-mail when your application package has been received.


STEP 5: Testing and Interview:
  • Early Years Applicants (K-1)

Kindergarten to Grade 1 applicants are required to participate in an individual and group testing. In addition, parents will meet with a counselor as part of the admission process. Chinese and English language assessments occur as part of the interview.

  • Lower School Applicants (G2-5)

Grades 2-5 applicants are required to take written tests in Chinese and Math. English language assessment occurs as part of the interview.

  • Middle School Applicants (G6-8)

Grades 6-8 applicants are required to take written tests in Chinese and Math. English   language assessment occurs as part of the interview.

  • High School Applicants (G9-11)

  • Grades 9-11 applicants are required to take the General Scholastic Ability Test (about 3 hours) and Oral English? Based on the results of the entrance examination and initial screening of the Admissions Committee, eligible student applicants will be scheduled for an interview with the Admissions Committee and Dean of Student Affairs. 


◎Note: If students cannot take the test here — may be waived if they have taken it /….The standard [scholastic ability] test scores holders are exempted from the examination, for example ISSE, SSAT, CAT, PSAT, etc.


STEP 6: Admission Decisions
  • Following the testing and interview process, the Admissions Committee meet to make final admission decisions.

  • Acceptance:

Admission process

(1) Notice of Admission Resolution (e-mail)

a.Formal admission

b.Conditional admission

(2) Pay tuition and other fees 

* Enrollment

(1) Individual course description

(2) Summer/winter vacation reading list

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